What’s Next? Recruitment Top Tips

The HR department over at Edrington-Beam Suntory have put together a fantastic document to help anyone looking for a new job.

What’s Next? is a new series of articles based around the fact that hospitality professionals are going to have to move into new sectors, in at least the short term, as the industry recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. Working with Joe Harper, Drew Mallins and Tom Jolly on these articles, our first piece looked at your rights if redundancy comes your way.

When we were first planning these features one area that we knew was going to be massive was helping people prepare for the world away from hospitality. Things like CV writing (and then transferring your skills as a bartender to skills that make other employers take notice), interview techniques and using social media in a different way are just some of the areas we highlighted as places we could potentially help some people.

I was mentioning this to David Miles from Edrington-Beam Suntory in one of our regular phone chats (he misses me terribly otherwise) and he pointed out that the companies Human Resources team might be able to help out. Having just before lockdown taken the Rookie Programme up to Glasgow and seen how great the Marketing team were when they presented to the gang it sounded like a wonderful idea.

An HR team at a company such as Edrington-Beam Suntory are perfectly placed to help. They certainly understand recruitment, there are plenty of roles to be filled each year in a company that size. They understand the hospitality industry inside out and they are very used to having bartenders and other hospo employees coming to them as the first step towards life as a day walker, and therefore know the pitfalls.

They have very kindly not just sent over a few bullet points but put together a brilliant pdf that you can all download and read to your hearts content.

It is divided up into three main areas:

CV Writing Tips – Get your CV up to scratch with some of our top tips on writing a CV. Includes a useful template from Total Jobs on adapting your CV for a new type of role or industry.

Interview Techniques – Examples of some commonly used competency-based questions that you may be asked during interview processes as well as a useful guide to the STAR technique.

Top Tips – Some extra information on self-development, LinkedIn and agencies to contact to help you through your job search process.

There is advice from them, as well as links to lots of other resources, and it really is an amazing tool for anyone looking at getting a new job either in, our outside, of the hospitality industry.

The full document can be downloaded here.

Huge thanks to the Edrington-Beam Suntory HR department for putting this together in what I’m sure is a very busy time for them and to David for setting it all up.

What’s Next? More to come soon.