Love Drinks Further Expand Portfolio of Brands with Addition Of Virtuous Spirits

Love Drinks have added vodka to its growing selection of spirits after confirming the UK distribution for Sweden’s handcrafted, organic Virtuous Vodka brand. The company’s Virtuous Vodka Rye received 99 out of 100 points at the IWSC 2023 and won the Spirit Gold Outstanding 2023 award and Vodka Trophy 2023.

Virtuous Spirits was set up by Swedish chef Claes Stenmark in 2013, and strives to produce vodkas that could perfectly reflect the unfiltered, full-flavoured best of the Nordic food scene. The Virtuous five-strong selection are made using natural ingredients and a unique process based on the continuous distillation of organic rye.

The Virtuous flavoured vodkas also go against the grain and industry standards that favour clear flavoured vodkas by retaining the beautiful colours provided by the raw ingredients. The Virtuous collection are also gluten-free, vegan and contain no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Any sweetness derives solely from the natural ingredients with which the vodkas are made.

The full Virtuous collection now available in 700ml and 750ml bottles includes:

Virtuous Rye – 40% abv
Rye is chosen for its amazing properties and character. ​Full-bodied and smooth, with distinct brown bread flavours, black pepper rye spice, faint vanilla and fruity sweetness, it is excellent on its own, over ice, in a classic martini or a wide range of creative cocktails.

Virtuous Chili – 40% abv
Virtuous Chili is made through gentle maceration of real organic chili peppers. This provides a wonderful, well-balanced and authentic chilli pepper flavour. Great in a classic Vodkatini or to provide edge to a Bloody Mary.

Virtuous Ginger – 40% abv
While flavouring with ginger can be challenging, Claes has perfected a rare and complex process to ensure the Virtuous Ginger retains the special root’s unique spiciness and taste. A truly authentic taste of fresh ginger.

Virtuous Raspberry– 40% abv
Virtuous Vodka Raspberry has a striking taste profile thanks to the ripe raspberries used in the maceration process. A special acidity and sweetness from the raspberries perfectly balances out the vodka. Virtuous Raspberry will actually mature over time, developing into a more complex flavour.

Virtuous Bitter Lemon – 40% abv
With the careful method of maceration, the organic lemons release both the sweet and acidic lemon virtues from the yellow zest, and the distinct bitterness from the lemon peel. The result is a completely different take on lemon vodka with a wonderfully sharp yet sweet aroma.
Virtuous Vodka Bitter