Nc’nean Creations 2024 Competitors and Heats Announced

Sixty Nine Bartenders from around the UK, France, and Germany to compete in Nc’nean Creations 2024

Nc’nean Creations has been one of the best competitions on the circuit since its launch in 2022, and now, in its third year, Creations is also becoming one of the biggest.

Last year, Nc’nean increased the number of regional heats in the UK to accommodate the rising number of bartenders entering the comp, and this year two European heats, in Paris and Berlin, join the party, making Creations a truly international affair. The entry period for Creations 2024 closed at the end of March, and since then Nc’nean’s ambassador and blender, Matthew Hastings, has been working through the field of entries – which, incidentally, is the largest BarLifeUK has seen since before the Covid pandemic – and yesterday announced the field of competitors and regional heat locations.

Congratulations to everyone involved and, as ever, thank you all for taking the time to create and submit an entry to Nc’nean Creations 2024.

The Heats and Competitors


  • Lauren McIntosh, The Cocktail Joint
  • Ross Dalton, Draffens of Dundee
  • Marek Brzozowski, The Old Workshop
  • Fraser Haig, Rev de Cuba
  • Gavin Sharp, Ninety-Nine Bar & Kitchen


  • Anthony Gallant, Zhima Glasgow
  • Calum McGuigan, Absent Ear
  • Carrie Smith, Hoot the Redeemer
  • Jamie Thomson, The Fox & Willow
  • Ross Campbell, The Ivy Buchanan Street
  • Samuel McGuigan, Westside Tavern
  • Scott Stevenson, Ga Ga Kitchen & Bar
  • Johnny Morrison, VEGA
  • Liradie Allen, Dragonfly

London East

  • Sam Kershaw, Racketeer
  • Leighton Rathbone, Lyon’s Seafood & Wine Bar
  • Sam Russell, Christina’s Shoreditch
  • Veronica, The Clove Club
  • Ruben Kolosa, Christina’s Shoreditch
  • Mandana Tabatabai, The Cocktail Trading Co.
  • Harvey-Hugo Austin-Francis, City of London Distillery and Bar
  • Callum Hutchison, The Gallery
  • Alistair Bell, Apiary
  • Norbert Drozdowski, Rick Stein The Seafood Restaurant
  • Ashley Haines, Ojo Rojo

London West

  • Laurie Howells, Eve Bar – By Adam Handling
  • Maia Mandell, Sexy Fish
  • Amy Curtis Da, Henrietta
  • Anya Kornilova, Henrietta Hotel
  • Helena Collins O’Connor, Soho Whisky Club
  • Emmy Pip Knight, The American Bar, Savoy Hotel
  • Finn Kokkonen, The Royal Cocktail Exchange
  • Ignazio Galletta, Eve Bar
  • Jacob Peacock, Wacky Wombat
  • Tom Chandler, The Royal Cocktail Exchange
  • William Campbell-Rowntree, Raffles Hotel London


  • George Bryan, The Fox and Chance
  • Ryan Smith, Fox and Chance
  • Lewis Parry, PAL Bar + Kitchen
  • Josh Howley, Gaucho Leeds
  • Ryan Hodgkinson, Call Lane Social
  • Joe Scott, Call Lane Social
  • Harrison Bradbury, The Washhouse
  • Gabriela Casado, Blinker Bar
  • Grace Hardy, Project Halcyon Distillery
  • Theo Gordon-Boyd, Ava Wine Bar
  • Ioan Pearce, Dá Mhíle Organic distillery
  • Max Hayward, Lab 22
  • James Borley, The Dead Canary


  • Alejandro de kerpel, Déjà Vu
  • Jasper Permentier, Why Not Gastrobar
  • Sito Prieto, Deja Vu
  • Anthony DAGISTE, Drinks & Co
  • Bruno Ingargiola, Drinks & Co
  • Charlotte Mattern, Drinks & Co
  • Gautier TANGUY, A-E Event
  • Laélien LEEMPUT, Drinks &C o
  • Lisa Rotoni, Combat Belleville
  • Mossard Romain, Maison Liquide
  • Thibaud, Drinks & Co


  • Alec-Dominic, Loße Charles Bar
  • Dennis Kappelsberger, Sly Berlin
  • Tim Schlage Blauer Fasan, Bar Bremen
  • Salvo & Rick, Bar Break
  • Golden Fruit, Fitz’s Bar Amsterdam
  • Merlin Boesch, The Door – Liquid Kitchen & Highballs
  • Youness El Ouazgouni, Stir it up Bar
  • Sebastian Bauer, Home Munich
  • Veronica Fanti, Casadante