Well Lick My Finger, KFC Have Launched A Rum

Angry Rum Nerds – ASSEMBLE!

Earlier this week I received a press release about Kendall Jenner’s tequila. In essence, the release said ‘Kendall Jenner, whose net worth approaches $100M, has launched a tequila. Would you be interested in giving it some free coverage in order to increase sales so that she, and we, the PR agency, might make a little more money?’

Naturally my response was ‘jog on’.

Celebrity spirits can, in my book and for the most part, fuck off (Connor McGregor whiskey anyone?). Which leads us to the question: Does Colonel Sanders count as a celebrity? He is, or rather was, a real person, which sets him apart from Ronald McDonald or The Hamburglar. I suppose you could argue that The Colonel was an early incarnation of the celebrity chef, but since his death in 1980, would we now describe Colonel Harland David Sanders as more of a brand figurehead than a celebrity? It’s a philosophical question I feel moved to ask simply because it’s Friday morning and I need some content to post in order to skive off and make make some music this afternoon.

In any case, this week we learn that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has launched a ‘herbed and spiced’ rum, in collaboration with Dead Man’s Fingers (DMF). On the one hand, the idea of using KFC’s secret recipe of herbs and spices in a rum makes me think ‘ooh, I’d quite like to try that’. On the other hand, the rum’s ‘Finger Liquor Good’ strapline makes me feel sad.

KFC and DMF have ostensibly launched this inspired idea / travesty to celebrate National Rum Day, but we all know its real purpose is to incite rum nerd rage posts on social media. The KFC rum becomes available on September 1st, with the launch taking place, somewhat bizarrely, at a pop-up chicken shop in Margate.

If your travel schedule doesn’t include a trip Margate, you will be able to buy a bottle from Amazon for £25, should the urge take you. More info here.