Man Who Smashes People in the Face for a Living Launches Whiskey

Conor McGregor launches ‘Proper 12’ Irish Whiskey brand

image: notoriousmma/instagram
image: notoriousmma/instagram

In further proof that humanity hasn’t developed very much despite 50,000-odd years of ‘civilised society’, Mixed Martial Arts practitioner Conor McGregor has amassed a $100M fortune by beating the shit out of people on television.

The ‘warrior spirit’ and ‘sportsmanship’ required to kneel on a man’s chest and smash him in the face until he blacks-out is so epitomised by McGregor that it doesn’t really matter when it makes an appearance outside the ring, and we should all be very excited that he is ‘celebrating his heritage’ by launching an Irish Whiskey.

Originally named Project Notorious (so authentic), McGregor was forced to change the name of the brand to Proper 12, following a trademark dispute with the Carlow Brewing Company. That a row over marketing and trademarks sits at the heart of the brand seems reasonably fitting.

Proper 12 is being made by distiller David Elderman, formerly of Bushmills, at Eire Born Spirits, and is a blend. It will be available in the US and Irish markets initially, with further territories added if it sells well.

McGregor says that $5 will be donated for each case sold to ‘first responder charities’ local to wherever drinkers are buying it. Presumably this is to support paramedics who have to deal with the sort of customers who get a bang out of watching Mixed Martial Arts.

Cover image: thenotoriousmma/instagram