G’Vine Gin Connoisseur Program 2013 Live For Entries

The 2013 G’Vine Gin Connoisseur Program (GCP) is looking for two UK representatives to take on the world in Cognac.

Since it’s launch in 2010 the GCP has become one of the most respected and hard fought gin competitions in the world. Anyone who has been too, or heard about, the global final will know just how well deserved the previous winners have been.

The finals take place over a week in the beautiful surroundings of Cognac in the South West of France. During that week the finalists will take part in a series of challenges designed to test every aspect of the modern day bartender, as well as your gin knowledge.

One UK representative Pawel with Audrey in 2012

Which sadistic git invented these challenges you may well be reasonably asking? That honour goes to Global Irishman Philip Duff, one of the first and still most respected global brand ambassadors….. or so I’m told.

However, there is method behind his madness, as during the week you will also have the opportunity to learn from Philip, gaz ‘he’s 61 you know’ regan, Shawn Soole, guest speakers, the G’Vine Team and most interestingly the other competitors from around the world.

BarLifeUK were lucky enough to attend last years finals in Cognac and we had such an amazing time and learned so much we had to cover the experience over two articles. If the above description wasn’t enough to get you interested then read our write-ups here and here

Now you are interested there are two things left to tell you. How to enter and what the prize is.

Prize Time

This year’s theme is L’Edition Ambassadeur and even with my pigeon French (and knowledge of Ferrero Rocher ads) I can figure out what that means. The competition and prize reflect that this year, with added emphasis on gin knowledge and etiquette.

The prize for the global winner consists of $3,000, a personal and tailor-made training program from Philip Duff, an elite presenting & media-training course, and the chance to present seminars at both Tales of the Cocktail 2013 and Bar Convent Berlin 2013.

For any bartender wanting to increase their profile and stock within the industry this is an invaluable opportunity.

How To Enter

There are two UK heats this year:
March 11th – Manchester, Epernay Champagne Bar
March 25th – London, Paramount Soho

Each heat will consist of 12 bartenders who will be involved in a daylong challenge consisting of a seminar, cocktail challenge and finally, in preparation for the finale of the finals week, a G’Vine Bartenders Ball. At the ball each bartender will be given an area to create their cocktails and serve to guests who will taste and vote on their favourites.

GCP 2012 Winner Shaher Misif – it’s his title we want folks

The winners will then be jetting off to Cognac in June to compete against winners from the US, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia & Japan plus 3 lucky wild card winners from countries outside of this group.

To enter all you have to do is log onto the G’Vine GCP site here and fill in your details. No need to come up with a drink yet or write a 1,000 word essay on why you love gin! Simply fill in your details and the G’Vine gang will invite 12 of you to compete in each heat.

It truly is an exceptional trip, hanging around with the likes of gaz, Philip and Shawn as well as finding out what your peers are up to across the world. We certainly made friends we have kept in close contact with since our experience last year.

Most importantly there has never been a winner from the UK. We have had some superb contestants but as of yet no-one from our fair isle has lifted that trophy. So come on BarLifers, enter yourselves here and let’s show the world what we’ve got.