Diplomático Artisans of Taste Competition – Online Event This Thursday

Hospitality climate footprint session with Tatiana Velez: 15 September – 12.30 until 14.30 (online)

Tatiana Velez

Diplomático’s Artisans of Taste competition, which will eventually send its winner on an epic trip to Venezuela, is holding a programme of educational events between now and the entry deadline on October 18th (read more about the comp here).

The competition is open to anyone, with the only requirement being that bartenders attend one or more of the learning sessions, with this online session with guest speaker Tatiana Velez ticking that box. So if you are unable to attend one of the in-person sessions, or you would like to learn how the hospitality industry can reduce it’s environmental footprint by up to 50%, this session is for you. Tatiana Velez is a climate change and sustainable development expert, along with being a member of the Artisans of Taste judging panel, so this will be a generally interesting session, and very useful for anyone creating a competition entry.

You can register to join the online session here.