Win A Trip To Venezuela With Diplomático

The Mixed Consciously Cocktail Competition is back with the all-expenses paid trip to Venezuela the glittering prize.

Last years winner Katie Rouse

Sustainability has always been important to Diplomático and the Mixed Consciously comp continues is sustainable focus. They are asking bartenders to come up with a serve that uses each element to its full potential to reduce its impact on the environment, as a base you can use Diplomático Rum or, for the first time, Canaïma Gin.

There is no limit on the amount of ingredients you can use in your serve but you will be rewarded for using locally sourced and homemade ingredients wherever possible (on top of the rum or gin). The definition of homemade ingredients used in this competition is important to note as it may be different to your personal definition, it is:

By homemade ingredient we understand it to mean any ingredient you have created yourself. That does not mean you need to make it from scratch, but at least somehow transform it before using it in your cocktail, so it is not identical to how you bought it. For example, if you want to use vermouth in your cocktail you do not need to make it from scratch (although you could if you wanted to), however you would need to infuse it with a new ingredient or apply any other technique that changes it from how it was when you bought it.

The impressive judging panel includes Tatiana Velez, expert in climate change and sustainable development, and a specialist in international tourism and hospitality management; 2021 winner Katie Rouse of Couch in Birmingham; plus the legendary Mr Jon Lister, Speciality Brands’ Head of Mixology. To impress these knowledgeable folk, win the trip and have your recipe published in the brand’s 2023 Zero Waste Cocktail Book, you will have to display a combination of creative flair and sustainable approach.

Katie’s winning cocktail

More information on the competition including the judging criteria can be found at Artisans Of Taste website.

Over the coming weeks Diplomático’s UK brand ambassador, Dean MacGregor will be touring the country hosting training sessions and workshops to introduce you to the competition and imparting some of his extensive rum knowledge. Dean is a fantastic presenter and we suggest you do all that you can to get along to one of the sessions but if that is not possible he will be hosting a digital session on September 15th with a guest appearance from Tatiana.

It is worth noting that if you want to enter the competition you have to have attended one of the sessions which will be landing in Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Southampton & Brighton or the digital session. To find out more about Dean’s sessions click right here 

The deadline for your entries is October 18th and the final will be held on November 1st at Couch in Birmingham. To get your entry in or to find out more information head to the Artisans Of Taste website and don’t forget to get yourself to one of Dean’s sessions.

Good luck folks.