Crawley’s Imperial Shaker Pictures Released

A couple of weeks ago we brought you news from Down Under about the imminent launch of Jason Crawley’s cocktail shaking machine – now we have pictures to show you too.

It seems that Jason’s machine piqued your interests when the original story went live (see it here). Unfortunately at that point there where no images of the secret project to hand.

After it’s launch at the Top Shelf exhibition in Melbourne it has been into the studio for some rather revealing shots (think Miley Cyrus without the wrecking ball… or herpes) and here they are for your enjoyment.

We have also found a video on YouTube of the machine in action from old BarLifeUK friend David Nguyen-Luu so you can see it, along with rather enthusiastic Australian cheering which sounds like Simon McGoram to us, in all it’s working glory.

All the details on the machine and how to get hold of Jason are in the original story (link above) for now we shall let the pictures and video do the talking.

4 shakers sit atop the machine, turn the handle and watch the shakers do the work for you.
We’re pretty sure that is technically called a piston
Okay we’ve run out of technical terms now…. frimpet?
Here is the man himself proving that all things look better in black and white