Żołądkowa Gorzka – A Polish Original

Poland’s International Spirits Challenge Gold Medal winner is AC Nielsen’s fastest-growing vodka brand

Bitter Digestive Vodka

Pronounced 'Zho-want-KO-va GORZH-ka'

Produced to the same recipe since 1950, this is a traditional Polish Vodka based on the practice of infusing alcohol with herbs and has been highly valued by consumers for many years and a market leader in Poland, its country of origin.

It has recently been introduced to world markets where it has won many awards, including a Gold Medal at Monde Selection, Brussels 2009.

Zoladkowa Gorzka Classic uses herbs, spices and dried fruits to impart a bitter-sweet flavour, making it an ideal base for cocktails, and is available in other flavours including honey and mint.

Clear Vodka

Introduced in 2007, Czysta gained a Gold Medal less than a year later at the 2009 Vodka Masters, and in Poland it is now the number one selling vodka, by both volume and value.

Other awards include International Taste & Quality Institute, The Drinks International Vodka Challenge, The Central Europe Wine and Spirits Challenge and Zloty Kielich Rynkow Alkoholowych as well as winning the consumer quality test in Test Smakowy Wodek Czystych in Poland.

Its smooth taste and neutral flavour are guaranteed by a six stage filtration and distillation process.

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