ZEO Soft Drinks Available in the UK This Summer

Turning the RTD standard of masking alcohol with sugary mixers on its head, a new UK company produces a range of soft drinks designed to taste alcoholic.

ZEO, launching in the UK this summer, aims to recreate the ‘tingle’ of a boozy drink, with no alcohol and using only natural ingredients, and hopes to excite the increasingly well developed palates of party-goers.

The low calorie soft drink is one of the few soft products to target bars and restaurants, hoping to offer a new alternative to designated drivers, pregnant women, and anyone else who wants to avoid a raging hangover.

Their flavour range includes ZEO peach and grapefruit Burst, ZEO citrus Crush and ZEO lime Zest, with a plan to release a limited edition at Christmas time called Tingle Bells (but please consult your doctor if your bells tingle).

Zeo is available in a selection of restaurants and bars in London and Brighton, in store at Harvey Nichols, or online at Ocado for £1.49, or £4.29 for a pack of 4.