Ysabel Regina And All That Jazz

With 3 trips to Tales of the Cocktail up for grabs in their competition, Ysabel Regina have created three videos to help inspire you.

Ysabel Regina took a trip to Nightjar and tasked Bar Manager Martina Breznanova to come up with a drink for each of the competition categories. As we have come to expect with Nightjar and Martina over the years the serves are truly spectacular and should help you think a little outside the box.ysabel-regina

Full details of the competition can be found here but in it’s essence it is a competition that combines music and bartending techniques. The winners in each category from the UK will be heading to Jerez for the Global Final and from there one winner in each category is bagging themselves a trip to Tales.

Needless to say this is one of the biggest prize pots of the competition year and as such the lovely folks over at Ysabel Regina thought they would give you a bit of inspiration through the following videos. So have a look and get your idea brain flowing, enter the competition here.

Entry deadline is February 17th.

Jazz Pop and Long Drink
The long drink category is often neglected and shunned but is a vital part of any good cocktail list. Any style of drink making can be used here but we strongly suggest you stay away from throwing or infusing. The Pop in Jazz Pop is firmly meaning popular as opposed to girl bands i.e. Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra, Eric Clapton etc.

Ysabel Regina Fusion Competition from Vantguard on Vimeo.

Jazz Blues and Throwing
The sultry sounds of Blues Jazz conjures up images of smoke filled lounge bars and surely throwing drinks is Blues Jazz music’s spirit technique. Any style of throwing you like can be used in a drink that is a twist on a classic short serve. Jazz Blues covers artists such as Miles Davis, BB King, Charlie Parker etc.

Ysabel Regina Fusion Competition from Vantguard on Vimeo.

Jazz Rock and Infusing
Infusing Rock with Jazz created some of the finest musicians of the 20th Century so it is only right that Infusing be the skill of choice for this category. You can to use any infusing technique you wish, and it can be either a hot or cold infusion*. What better excuse to start experimenting? Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin etc.

Ysabel Regina Fusion Competition from Vantguard on Vimeo.