Worldwide Bartender Database

The other day we received an e-mail from our old friend Gaz (the artist formally known as Gary) Regan. It is always a pleasure to hear from one of the industries and indeed life’s great gents and even better when it provides us with the opportunity to let you, our shaker faced readers, know about another of his initiatives.

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That's a weird looking olive...

This time he was letting us know about his Worldwide Bartender Database and it only seems fair to share this information with you all.

The Worldwide Bartender Database is for people working in the Hospitality Industry, and people working in marketing companies that serve the Hospitality Industry.

Membership to the database is free and is directed at bartenders and anyone who works in the hospitality industry in any capacity.

Worldwide Bartender Database members receive The Worldwide Bartender Bulletin—packed with solid info on Spirits, Cocktails, and Bartending—The Weekly Shooter, a missive full of classified ads directed at bartenders, news about competitions, etc., and Ardent Spirits, a fun newsletter with links to boozey stories from all over the world.

We’ve already signed up and if you would like to do the same, exercise your left finger here.

Gaz has also very kindly donated a signed copy of his latest book The Bartenders Gin Compendium to us to give away at Northern Restaurant & Bar so pop by our stand for your chance to get your hands on it – more info on the show here.