Worldwide Bartender Database Launches

The Worldwide Bartender Database is a fantastic new resource for bartenders, but what can it do for you?

gaz Regan

The Worldwide Bartender Database (WWBDb) has been launched by two people with ‘cough’ years of experience in the industry, one you will likely of heard of, the other maybe not so much.

Gary ‘gaz’ Regan has been around so long it is rumoured he was consulted on the original recipe for Chartreuse and the colour blue. He has written a series of books that people insist on buying such as the Joy of Mixology and The Bartender’s Bible and runs Cocktails in the Country in NYC, as well as his regular e-newsletters (which you can sign up for here). It is also rumoured he even still pulls shifts behind a bar 6 times a year at some place called Dead Rabbit (they must be desperate for staff).

I’ve never met Arthur Shapiro but he’s certainly got great credentials and reputation in the industry. He has a long history of working with brands and was formally head of marketing for Seagrams (the biggest booze company in the world back in the 90’s for any readers under the age of 30).

They have combined forces to launch the WWBDb which is designed to put bartenders and brands in touch with each other.

As gaz puts it ‘Just as the name Worldwide Bartender Database suggests, we see the site as geared to the folks behind the stick who understand the business from a unique vantage point. We intend to harness their knowledge and insights to help brand owners in a range of areas.’

Arthur Shapiro
Arthur Shapiro

If you sign up for the WWBDb here you will have the opportunity to work with gaz and Arthur as they work with brands to find staff for events, hunt for Brand Ambassadors and many other opportunities, not least learning from these two industry legends.

It certainly looks like a great idea to us and with gaz and Arthur in charge it will undoubtably be a huge success. We suggest you sign up now and take advantage of the opportunities which will arise.