World Cocktail Day by Tim Philips

May 13. The 133rd day of the year. Who cares yeah? Another day, another quid. Well, you’re wrong! Today is World Cocktail Day. What the hell does that mean I hear you ask? It means that on this day in 1806, a newspaper called The Balance published one of the first definitions of ‘The Cocktail’. I say ‘one of the first’ as this claim has recently been rubbished and, and an earlier Chicago paper had referenced the word ‘Cocktail’ from late 1805. But who cares! Much in the same way we don’t celebrate the Queens birthday on its actual date we are doing the same with the cocktail.

World Cocktail Week
The guys responsible for spreading the word

Here’s a great drink to mark the occasion. It’s history is dubious. Basically I’m sure I invented it for a then-bartender from the acclaimed Bramble in Edinburgh named Chris Stock. He visited Milk & Honey one evening and demanded a refreshing drink utilising Calvados. I obliged with this bad-boy that was based around a drink called a Lazy-Man Flip, which also uses the Port/Calvados combination. My bar manager at the time, David Hobbs, came to me the next week with a great idea for a drink. A Port/Calvados Cobbler. Coincidence or what!? Anyway we both claim it, although I know i’m right. Chris Stock is now working in the award winning Melbourne bar, Golden Monkey. Go in there and ask him for yourself… Oh, and for the name – The Boston Cobbler – I’m not telling you, Google it yourself. You have been warned…

Boston Cobbler

2.5cl Calvados
2.5cl Ruby Port
1cl Orange Curacao
2 dash Peychaud Bitters
1cl Gomme
1pc pineapple
1pc orange
1pc lemon

Muddle fruit, add liquor, shaky shaky and serve tall over crushed ice