World Class Studios London – What To Expect

With the World Class Studios coming to London on Monday 22nd August we thought we’d have a look at why people should head along.

This is the third World Class Studios this year with Leeds and Edinburgh happening in the previous couple of months. BarLifeUK have been lucky enough to attend both the previous sessions so we thought we’d let you know what is coming next week to London and why you shouldn’t miss out.

The calm before the Cocktail Cartography storm

Firstly, it is important to note that whilst the World Class Studios (WCS) are going to be a great help to everyone entering the upcoming World Class Competition (details on that coming in October) it is by no means only for those folk. There is a whole host of knowledge shared over the day, which we will get into shortly, which is useful and interesting to people at all levels of their career. Not planning on entering World Class? Doesn’t matter, come along.

Right from the moment we first heard about WCS there was something that excited us. We are, and always have been, huge fans of the seemingly endless educational sessions that brands and people put on for our industry. The knowledge that is freely imparted by brand ambassadors/experts (along with the always welcome samples) continues to impress.

One of the impressive things about WCS is the sheer number of super knowledgeable brand ambassadors you get to hear from in one day (the names below are only a fraction of the amount of ambassadors there). On top of that at each session there are a host of industry experts imparting their thoughts and opinions. It was this opportunity to learn from so many in one go that impressed us during that first chat.

Studio Sessions

So let’s look at who says what about what.

Future Proof – Now we are the first to admit that the session on No&Lo was the one on paper to excite us least, we are also the first to admit when we are wrong. Charlotte Barker and Christie Knight’s session is full of facts, figures and tips to impress anyone and the No&Lo Gameshow was a real eyeopener (and we aren’t just talking about the jacket).

Cordial buffett discussions

Magical Modifiers – We do love a bit of hands-on workshop fun and Pippa Guy provides this in her session. Custom-made ingredients are such a common sight on cocktail lists around the country yet Pippa shows there is still so much to learn about how to get the most out of the ingredients and techniques. Once you have all that knowledge you are set loose on the Tanqueray no.10 Buffett full of ingredients you can use to make your own cordial, there might even be a prize up for grabs.

Cocktail Cartography – Any session that includes the line ‘Unlearn Whisky’ is going to spike our interest. Jo Last is on hand to debunk Whisky preconceptions and help you think about it from a different angle (including a great bit on menus). There is also a fascinating look into the art of storytelling which really opens up your mind to an all too often overlooked skill.

Guest Speakers

The guest speakers have previously included the likes of Hannah Lanfear, Daniel Schofield, Iain McPherson, Stuart McClusky and Stephanie Anderson. The impressive pool of talent continues in London with Stevie Kane, Siobhan Payne and Hannah Sharman-Cox and we’re sure you’ll be delighted to hear BarLifeUK will also once again be there.

Our little gang will be involved in two other sessions:

The Dryshake – This is the competition element of the day when an experienced competition bartender steps behind the bar to present their Chase Cocktail in an imaginary cocktail competition. The guest speakers will form the judging panel and do all their deliberation and discussion on mic, you will get to see what it is judges really look for in a competition and receive lots of tips along the way. For anyone who has or wants to enter competitions this is a fantastic concept.

The guest speakers enjoyed themselves

The Luxury Panel – To end the day we get to sit around sipping on Johnnie Walker Blue Label cocktails and talking about our industry in general, and specifically with an eye on luxury. Each panel has been fascinating, hearing what people’s different thoughts on the past, present and future are. There is also the chance to ask questions of the panel, in fact that is true for the whole day, questions are welcomed at all points.

Now then I am aware I only mentioned drinks at the end there but fear not the World Class team have also put together a series of delicious cocktails which you will get to enjoy, along with some brand sampling. There is also lots of lovely food with an arrival breakfast, hearty lunch and an afternoon sweet treat that is worth the entrance fee alone.

Speaking of which, what is the entry fee? Bugger all. This is a 100% free event. A day of educational talks and masterclasses, drinks throughout the day, two meals (and treat) with some of the most knowledgeable folk in our industry…. for free!! All you have to do is register here.

I think no more words are needed except these:

Monday 22nd August
11am – 6pm
The Luminist, Diageo 1HQ
16 Great Marlborough St, London W1F 7HS


See you there.