World Class GB 2023 Top 100 Announced

And now the in-bar judging phase begins…

World Class GB has reached the first milestone in its 2023 journey, with the announcement of the Top 100 bartender list. This group of competitors was selected from all of those who entered during an intense paper-judging session by the World Class team. The competition now moves into a new phase, as the 100 successful bartenders are visited in their bar by the World Class judging team, who will be covering a lot of miles in the coming weeks.

This in-bar judging process will select a Top 50 field of competitors who go through to the next stage – a group competition day at Birch, in Cheshunt. The Top 50 list will be announced on March 20th.

New to World Class this year is the addition of ‘Challenge Champions’ who impress the judges and win a year of mentoring with Jo Last and Pippa Guy, as well as prizes such as foraging walks and technical masterclasses. There will be six Challenge Champions, with the Top 50 winners announced after the judges have completed their bar visits.

Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 100 list, which you can find below. Click on any of the images to view it full size.