World Class 2014 Edinburgh Heat Results

This week the Diageo Reserve Brands World Class competition 2014 begins in earnest with the 4 regional heats taking place and BarLifeUK will be on tour to bring you all the news.

This year we will be doing the usual big round up story on all the heats, who did what, who added Narwhale shavings, who set themselves on fire etc. However we will also be bringing you daily ‘breaking news’ updates on who won as we go along.

Robin in action (after a slightly dodgy comment!)

World Class this year is once again divided into two ‘bursts’ (to use the Diageo marketing speak), and ‘burst’ one see’s 4 heats over the next 4 days in Edinburgh, Manchester, London and Bristol.

Each heat will bring together 6 bartenders for 3 challenges to determine 1 winner who will progress to the UK finals. These challenges are: create your World Class entry (the drink that got them through to the regional heats), a Mystery Box round and finally a Cocktails Against The Clock round (or posh Speed Round).

The first heat was in Edinburgh who had a lot to live up to as one of last year’s winners, Kevin Griffin, made it through to final two of the UK competition. Being the good sport he is he was on hand to cheer the guys on, as were half of the Edinburgh bar scene.

The newly opened and superb Devil’s Advocate was our home for the day and our 6 competitors were:

  • Robin Honhold, Lucky Liquor Co
  • Michael Braun, Panda and Sons
  • Mike Lynch, Devil’s Advocate
  • Euan Halliday, Tigerlilly
  • Russell Downie, Tonic
  • Matt Wakeford, Missoni

It was a tough old battle and more details will follow but the victor on the day by a unanimous decision from the 3 judges was Robin from Lucky Liquor Co who performed very strongly in all three rounds and who’s presentation skills were truly superb.

The standard across all the competitors was fantastic and if this continues for the next few heats I can see several judging arguments before the week is out.

Massive congratulations to Robin and all the competitors on a great day and huge thanks to the Devil’s Advocate team and everyone who came down to cheer and holla the guys on.

Next stop Manchester.

Engine Room Cocktail

Winner – Robin Honhold, Lucky Liquor Co

Engine Room Cocktail

  • 50ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label
  • 1 drp grapefruit oil
  • 1 dsh violet tincture (homemade)
  • 1 dsh orange bitters (homemade)
  • 1 dsh grapefruit tincture (homemade)
  • 17.5ml sugar syrup
  • 2.5ml citric acid

Stirred down and served in branded bottles with glass on the side.