Win a trip to the Football World Cup in Brazil with Leblon

11 bartenders from around the world will be forming a team to attend the World Cup 2014 in Brazil thanks to the latest competition by Leblon Cachaça.

Seeing as there is a fair chance that there won’t be any British footballers at the event next year (despite a ‘get our hopes up’ 30 minutes against Brazil on Sunday for England), it seems only right that we have a bartender or three on the Leblon Team.

As if being in Brazil during the World Cup wasn’t enough they have a whole lot of amazing activities planned. You will get the chance to attend the Copa do Mundo (that’s what the Brazilians call the World Cup by the way) itself, learn how to make your own Cachaça de Alambique as an apprentice at the Maison Leblon, play Pelada on Leblon Beach and guest bartend in a local Brazilian hotspot.

Now THAT is a prize.

A prize as impressive as that means a competition equally as impressive to get on the plane. It is taking place over three different challenges.


You want to be in a team with the world’s best bartenders you need to prove your worth with a tryout. You need to let Leblon know why you deserve to part of the team in Brazil in 2014. To do this use the power of email and send a message with the following info

  • Your name, address, email, phone number and country of residence
  • Where you work as a bartender (bartenders only folks)
  • The name of the Leblon or Cedilla cocktail that you have on your menu
  • Your creative entry showing why you deserve to be on the Maison Leblon World Cup Team. Don’t be shy, get creative. Remember this is a trip to Brazil and a seat at the biggest sporting event in the World! Paint a mural, create a music video, serve the world’s biggest Leblon Caipirinha at your bar, go crazy, let your mind run free, we know you lot have some bonkers ideas hidden away.

All entries must be in by July 28th.

From there 40 entrants will be selected on July 31stto go through to the next round…

Come on now, what picture did you expect us to use…


40 must become 11 and there is really only one way to do that, yep a good old fashioned Campeonato de Coqueteis (cocktail contest). More details will be given nearer the time so keep an eye out.


Once the final 11 have been selected it is time to train as a team to prepare for the World Cup as representatives of Destilaria Maison Leblon. Training promises to be fun, at times difficult, rewarding, and will be sure to create memories for a lifetime. All the training will need to be completed to make it to Brazil and there will be a group of hungry reserves ready to pounce on any slackers spots (if only the England footy team were this dedicated).

The full breakdown of what the team will get up to is below, now admittedly we don’t understand what half of the words mean but it sure sounds amazing.

In June 2014, the Maison Leblon World Cup team will embark for Brazil, landing initially in Minas Gerais to visit us at our distillery in Patos de Minas. At the Maison Leblon, you will apprentice
the art of making alambique Cachaça, from growing and cutting sugar cane, to fermentation and distillation, to aging, blending, and bottling your own personal bottle of Leblon. From Minas Gerais, we will travel directly to Rio de Janeiro, a cidade maravilhosa, to bora pra praia (do the beach) and visit the restaurants, the bars, and of course, the Copa do Mundo at Maracanā Stadium. You will participate in the Leblon “Caipirinha Classic,” muddling versus Rio’s top local bartenders – followed by a fun game of Altinha on Leblon beach. You will learn to say Oi, Tudo Bem, and Meu Deus, Que É Isso? You will taste a real Brazilian Maracujá passion fruit, and wonder why you can’t get the fruit anywhere else. You will taste Biscoitos Globos on the beach, chased with some Matte Gelado followed by a beachside Leblon Caipirinha and some sideways samba…

If all of the above wasn’t enough to get you in the mood they have made a video featuring some very pretty Brazilian men and women, lots of beaches and a very young looking Jacob Briars and Naren Young.

Get entering. Get involved. Get yourself to Brazil. Most importantly save room in your suitcase for us.