Win a Trip to the End of the World With the Mamont Circumpolar Competition

Win the chance to sail to the End of the World in one of the most awe-inspiring competition prizes we’ve ever seen.

The phrase ‘trip of a lifetime’ is one that is overused these days, but when describing the Mamont Circumpolar Competition prize, it is certainly justified.

The winning team will join the Mamont Circumpolar Expedition for a week as they sail between TromsØ, Norway to Murmansk, Russia on the last historic ice-class wooden sailing ship that is able to navigate in Arctic waters.

Built in 1951 this ACTIV legend vessel will carry zoologists, artists, geochemists, archaeologists, marine biologists and photographers around the North Pole. They will be joined by a bartender and chef for a leg of their journey (we guess they’ll need a hot toddy or two by then) and that could be you.

Mamont are asking UK bartenders to join forces with a chef to create a Mamont Vodka cocktail and accompanying dish inspired by Siberia and their Spirit of Adventure.

There are no restrictions on the cocktail (apart from the fact it has to contain Mamont Vodka of course) or the dish which can be a simple bar snack or full dish (using Mamont Vodka in it may get you bonus points). Fear not if your bar doesn’t have a kitchen as the chef can come from any venue as long as they currently work in a professional kitchen.

When devising your recipe, bear these facts about Mamont Vodka in mind:

  • Mamont Vodka is inspired by the discovery of a mammoth during an expedition to Yukagir in Siberia
  • The curved bottle represents a Siberian mammoth’s tusk
  • The liquid is produced in one of Russia’s oldest distilleries
  • Its artesian wellwater comes from the Altai Mountain springs, and white winter wheat is locally grown on the fertile Altai plains
  • The spirit is distilled six times and filtered through Silver Birch charcoal

The top entries will be visited in venue by a judging team consisting of the Mamont Vodka Brand Ambassador, BarLifeUK and a guest food expert. The winning pair will be flown to Moscow on May 19th/20th for the final against teams from France and Russia.

The winners will then be boarding the boat on 20th June for a week long adventure (the winners will be sharing a cabin on board so I’d suggest picking someone who doesn’t snore). Enter your cocktail and recipe specs below before the 23rd March and be in with a chance to see the world in a whole new light. If for some strange reason you are still not inspired check out this video of last year’s trip and visit the Facebook page.