Win a trip to Sweden with the Purity Vodka Competition

Create one Martini twist and one original cocktail to win a trip to Sweden

Purity Vodka is produced in a copper and gold pot still, housed in Sweden’s 13th Century Ellinge Castle.

Distilled 34 times, and in the process losing 90% of the liquid, it is incredibly pure and requires no filtration, allowing it to retain a unique, full-bodied taste – a production process that borders on alchemy.

To celebrate this, Purity Vodka are holding a cocktail competition, the prize for which will send you to Sweden to witness this incredible process first hand.

The Alchemy Competition

The Purity Vodka Cocktail Competition will be held (date tbc) at London’s Worship Street Whistling Shop, and will consist of 2 rounds.

  • Round 1 – Martini Twist: Create a unique twist on the vodka martini. This drink should be elegant, reflect Purity’s unique qualities and suitable for inclusion in a cocktail list.
  • Round 2 – Original Cocktail: Create a bespoke cocktail that reflects Purity Vodka’s production and floavour profile, and also showcases your creativity. The only stipulation for this round is the inclusion on 35ml of Purity Vodka.

To enter the competition, send your name, bar and the concept for both drinks to The top 10 entrants will be chosen and invited to compete in July.

The closing date for entries is Friday, June 24th.

The Purity Vodka Distillery

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