Win One of Three Trips to Martinique with Rhum Clément

Rhum Clément are looking for a twist on the classic Ti’Punch, and are putting a trip to Martinique up for the 3 heat winners.

Islands all across the Caribbean have their own signature drink and Martinique is no exception. The Ti’Punch is a staple on this idyllic island and whilst traditionally known as an aperitif it seems to be enjoyed throughout the day and night by the locals.

Traditionally this rhum punch is made using Rhum Agricole, lime juice and cane syrup. There are no official measurements as everyone likes it their own way but it must be Rhum Agricole and the syrup must be cane, not sugar but cane. Don’t panic if your bar doesn’t stock cane syrup, as David Wondrich points out in an article on Ti’Punch in Esquire ‘By the way – Lyle’s Golden Syrup…. Cane syrup.

Rhum Clément are looking for a twist on this classic. The rules are very loose to really let your creativity shine:

Use a minimum of 35ml of Rhum Clément Premiere Canne or Select Barrel, syrup, lime plus whatever you like. The drink should be served in a 390ml Rhum Clement glass and that’s it. Feel free to build it, shake it, stir it, swizzle it, throw it…. whatever you fancy.

The only other rule is you have to buy a bottle each of Clement Premier Canne, Select Barrel and Creole Shrubb to get a Ti’Punch kit to enter the competition more details here.

There will be 3 Finals across the UK in Edinburgh, Birmingham and London in February and the winner of EACH heat will be going to Martinique. That’s right there are 3 spots up for grabs. Win your local heat and get on the plane.

The reward for your creativity is a few days on the beautiful island of Martinique to enjoy some rum, sun and of course plenty of Ti’Punch with the lovely folk over at Rhum Clément and Amathus Drinks for the winner. Second place will also be getting a full Rhum Clément Gift Set.

To enter simply email your recipe to before the 30th January 2014