Win A Trip to Guyana with El Dorado Rum

A new look competition for El Dorado is here but fear not the prize is the same – a truly spectacular trip to Guyana.

Over the past few years the El Dorado Swizzle Comp has been one of our favourites to judge, as a result we were slightly upset when they told us they weren’t doing it this year – that was until they told us what they were doing instead.

Working with the folks over at Bespoke Barware (which includes Cheeky Tiki), El Dorado have had two vessels created especially for them. One is designed to work with the 3 year old and  one with the 5 year old.

It is these vessels that form the basis for the new competition format. You are being charged with creating a drink to go specifically with one of these vessels using the corresponding expression of El Dorado.

For the three year old a local yellow frog is the inspiration and the vessel takes between 12 – 14oz of liquid. The five year old has a jaguar theme with a size of 14 – 16oz.

There will be 5 heats around the country and those lucky enough to be picked for these heats will be sent over some of your chosen vessels for the promotional period leading up to these. This promotion can be shown through sales information or through social media, how you present this to the judges is up to you.

Your drink and presentation on the day will be judged on the following criteria:

Name – 10 points
Appearance – 15 points
Aroma – 10 points
Taste – 30 points
Technique – 10 points
Promotion of drink at bar – 10 points
Brand knowledge – 15 points

Deadline for entries is June 9th so get going on your drink and don’t miss out on the opportunity to win this spectacular trip (if you want to know just how good it is check out this story).

Enter in the form below and we will get back to you in the begining of June to let you know if you have made it through to the competition heats.