Win a Trip to Cognac with G’Vine Gin

Escape to the Grape is a competition that invites you get inspired by an ‘escape’ you have been on and create a Gin & Tonic serve this inspires.

If you haven’t been to Cognac then take our word for it, it’s a beautiful place. We can also let you in on a secret, the G’Vine team really know how to put on a bash and make you feel immediately like part of the family. These two facts alone should be enough to get you to enter this here competition but if they’re not then here is the full prize pack:

The winners will attend an exclusive, all access trip hosted by Jean-Sebastian Robicquet, G’Vine Master Distiller and Blender, visiting the region’s finest grape producers, tasting the rarest wines, and meeting multiple generations of winemakers. The trip will culminate with a visit to the Maison Villevert, where each bartender will make their own unconventional gin, inspired by their journey.

Oh yeah and they’ll be a big party at the end complete with local and industry legends.

They have made entering the comp about as easy as it gets, simply log onto and follow these simple steps:

Firstly upload a picture or video of your favourite ‘escape’ (we are assuming they mean holiday not Broadmoor breakout) followed by an image of your G&T twist that was inspired by it. The variation can be in the recipe, in the garnish, in the theatre or presentation – anything that communicates the escape that inspired it.

The G&T must contain either G’Vine Nouaison or Floraison as the main spirit however you are free to use any interpretation of ‘tonic’ you choose.

Being an interactive competition extra points can be earned via customer voting. Entrants will receive a unique url when they register, which will lead directly to the voting screen. The url can be forwarded to friends, fans and regulars to encourage them to try their drink and vote. Photos and tags of the entered cocktails will also earn extra points.

Voting will automatically enter them to win a fabulous night out with friends. The lucky voter will be chosen at random and announced every Friday on the Facebook page, for the duration of the contest.

On 16th May 6 winners from around the globe will be chosen by an esteemed judging panel including Philip Duff, gaz ‘he’s 61 you know’ regan, Andy Gaunt, Jamie Walker, Fabien Callais and Jamie ‘cocktail hobbit’ Jones.

So get yourself along to before 14th May and get involved.