Win a Trip To Barcelona and €30K with the Torres Brandy Zero Challenge

Well, that’s one of the most attention grabbing headlines we’ve written in a while.

Let’s get the details of that epic prize sorted right from the start, win the UK competition and you will be heading to Barcelona for an epic 3 day trip early next year. In amongst all of the fun and games in Barcelona you will be competing against other countries to win the top spot which will, if you are victorious, see you winning €25K for your bar to execute your idea and €5K for yourself to spend on, well, whatever the hell you want.

To the Zero Challenge and your idea.

Torres Brandy are investing in sustainability in a big, and frankly impressive, way. This isn’t just talk, they are backing up their commitment with money to help bars make an actual difference.

The Zero Challenge competition is asking bar owners and senior management to come up with an idea to make their bar more sustainable. Not just their bar, but an idea that will help bars throughout the world make a difference. This idea will first be presented to a UK judging panel and then, if successful, to a global panel. Impress them and you will be handed €25K, let’s just make sure that comes across – twenty five thousand euros, to make your idea a reality.

Let’s be honest we’ve all sat down post shift and come up with an idea that will make our bar more money/make the world less shit and said ‘if only we had the money’. Well, here’s your chance to have that cash. Plus five grand to give yourself a well deserved financial pat on the back.

To enter all you have to do is head to the Torres Brandy Zero Challenge website and present your idea. This is to be done in the form of a 30 second video with you explaining your idea. It is important to note that this video is not expected to be some Hollywood style extravaganza, there are no style points. Just a simple video of your explaining your idea to camera is all they require.

4 UK finalists will be picked and the next stage of the competition will begin, culminating in you presenting your idea to a panel of judges early next year.

There is help on hand from one of the UK’s leading bar experts and Torres Brand Ambassador Chris Dennis. He will be up in Edinburgh on October 20th at Uno Mas and in Leeds at Watermark on October 21st both at 2pm to talk through ideas, answer questions and basically help you out. If you aren’t near either of those cities give your local CASK Liquid Marketing rep a shout or email and they will get hold of Chris for you.

We are really excited to see all your ideas and look forward to following the progress of the final 4 as they start on their journey to, hopefully, making their vision a reality.

Entry deadline 31st October 2021.