Win a Guitar for Your Bar Courtesy of Birthday Boy Jack Daniel

Rather fittingly for the most rock and roll of spirits, Jack Daniel’s birthday celebrations last an entire month.

This is because Jack never knew his exact birthday.

One theory is a courthouse fire destroyed his birth certificate, although the whole ‘can’t remember the safe combination, so I’ll kick it and later die of blood poisoning from my toe wound’ episode suggests a weakness with numbers.

To kick off September’s celebrations, Jack have given us a branded Strat-style guitar which is going to look excellent on the wall of your bar.

All you need to do is send us your details. Names will go into a boston, and the one pulled out will win the guitar.

Don’t try plugging it in though, this particular axe is a display model only. Although if you can’t actually play guitar, this shouldn’t slow you down.

This competition is open to UK bar professionals over the age of 18 only.