Win a Bottle of Newly-Released Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin


Four Pillars release solera-aged sherry cask, and Chardonnay barrel-aged expressions of their Rare Dry Gin

BarLifeUK Drinks - Win a Bottle of Newly-Released Four Pillars Barrel Aged GinBarLifeUK like to believe the recent surge in activity by Australian gin brand Four Pillars has come about because they have extra time on their hands now that the Aussie cricket team is unwatchable.

Whatever the reason, they are busy bunnies at the moment. The Four Pillars Australian (Gin) Open competition, which will send two winning bartenders on a trip Down Under, is currently underway, with the grand final taking place at Imbibe Live. And they have added two barrel-aged gins to their range, a shipment of which has just reached the UK. 

The Sherry Cask Gin is created by feeding Four Pillars Rare Dry into a solera system made of 42 sherry casks (ranging from 15-35 years old). The continuously-running system was primed in 2017, with the first batch taken from the bottom row of barrels a year later. 

Four pillars describe the resulting Sherry Cask finish as:

Deep in colour this is a rich, intense and layered barrel-aged gin. A pine needle quality underpins some amazing complexity. The residual Sherry character has integrated beautifully with the deeper cassia and star anise flavours – think dried fruits and nuts on the palate. The addition of a tiny amount of Spanish Amontadillo Sherry at the end has added some length and sweetness to the final gin. Sip it neat over ice or try it in a Tuxedo.”

The Chardonnay Barrel Gin began as an ageing experiment in 2013, using 6-8 year old Yarra Valley Chardonnay casks. This latest release sees Four Pillars Rare Dry rested in the barrels for a full year, resulting in a liquid that Four Pillars describe as having ‘an amazing preserved ginger character which sits nicely with crushed coriander and citrus notes. The oak contributes to the colour, sweetness, weight and texture and leaves a long dry finish.’

Both barrel-aged gins sit at 43.8% Abv, and are described as ‘sipping gins’, although we image they will work very well as cocktail ingredients too. 

For more information on the Four Pillars range, click here to visit the Love Drinks website. 

Four Pillars have kindly set aside a couple of bottles of Barrel Aged Gin for BarLifeUK readers. To stick your name in the prize draw hat, fill out the form below. 

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