William Grant & Sons Highland Festival Returns

The annual day of games and silliness in a park is back, with bartenders battling it out over a series of challenges on Sunday August 21st.

If you are already having withdrawal symptoms from last weekends Bacardi Classics Softball, or perhaps you missed it (shame on you), fear not the summer outdoor fun and games are not over yet.

Breaking news: Tattoos & sunglasses don't give you strength.
Breaking news: Tattoos & sunglasses don’t give you strength.

Last year William Grant & Sons UK launched the Highland Festival. In short, it is a series of events pitting teams of bartenders against each other for the chance to win a trip to Scotland with Hendrick’s Gin.

That really only tells half the story however. Last year challenges included The Ramos Fizz Cocktail Relay and Tug of War. Both of these, due to popular demand, are back and are being joined by new games including Dash & Grab, Bootcamp Challenge and Last Man Standing.

Much like the Classics there is plenty there to keep the, very welcome, spectators entertained with Patty & Bun on hand to keep energy levels high. The Sailor Jerry Air Stream bar will also be in attendance to knock out cocktails from across the William Grant & Sons portfolio.

However, for us, the highlight is the Señor Scoop grown-up ice cream van/not van courtesy of Reyka Vodka. If any of you follow Iain ‘Yan’ McPherson on Facebook you will have been kept entertained by the adventures he has been going through getting Señor Scoop up and running over the past few weeks and months. If you don’t follow him, look out for a moustached man behind the counter and ask him ALL about it.

Back to the games. There are nine teams competing:

Neave & Thomson warm up
Neave & Thomson warm up
  • Team Glenfiddich, led by brand ambassador Mark Thomson
  • Team The Balvenie, led by brand ambassador James Buntin
  • Team Hendrick’s, led by brand ambassador Ally Martin
  • Team Monkey Shoulder, led by brand ambassador Grant Neave
  • Team Sailor Jerry, led by brand ambassador EmmaLi Stenhouse
  • Team Reyka, led by brand ambassador Joe Petch
  • Team Disaronno, led by brand ambassador Rod Eslamieh (2015 Champions)
  • Team Wood’s, led by Rum Specialist Stephen Rutherford
  • Team Ancient Reserves, led by Brand Manager Michael Wells

So if you fancy watching people pretending they aren’t being competitive whilst secretly reading Alex Ferguson’s Inspirational Tips, people pretending they aren’t out of breath whilst their eyes try to focus in two different directions and everyone wishing they had gone to bed before 5am then here are the details:

Sunday 21st August
Haggerston Park, London (halfway between Hoxton & Cambridge Heath train stations)
11am – 6pm

To attend please RSVP to: WGSUK.Events@wgrant.com