Wild Elderflower Spritz Launches

Summer is coming which means the word Spritz will suddenly be uttered by customers in bars across the land.wild_elderflower_spritz

The sunshine means short skirts, wife beaters, Australians getting all mouthy about cricket, Lyndon Higginson getting a sunburnt head and people wanting long light drinks to make them feel all European. The Spritz is rapidly becoming the darling of this style of drink and you know a drink has made it into the common consciousness when the pre-bottled versions arrive.

Launching at the end of April in time for the season of spritz is the newest brand to enter the market – Wild Elderflower Spritz.

This is a distinctly British twist on a traditionally European drink with the traditional Prosecco being replaced by sparkling Perry and the Campari/Aperol being swapped with gin (from Thames Distillers) and elderflower. The resulting product is 5.4% and comes in bottles of 250ml.

The suggested serve is, unsurprisingly, a simple over ice with a slice of lime affair.

If it takes your fancy then you can get hold of it from the folks at CASK Liquid Marketing