Who Can Apply For VAT Relief & How

HMRC have set up a special helpline to support businesses during this period.

For those being affected by Coronavirus (so everyone then) and worried about staying on top of bills HMRC are offering help.

There is no guarantee you will get help, but from what we have heard they are being very fair and understanding on the other end of the hotline. If you are worried, they will discuss your specific requirements to see what option best suits you from:

  • Agreeing an instalment arrangement
  • Suspending debt collecting proceedings
  • Cancelling penalties and interest where you have administrative difficulties contacting or paying HMRC immediately

There are 2,000 people manning the lines so hopefully the never-ending monotony of hold music won’t be too painful. The advice coming in is to get on this sooner rather than later to best take advantage.

Call 0800 0158 559 – Mon to Fri 8am – 8pm and Sat 8am – 4pm

This story is correct as of March 16th.

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