White Spirits by Michael Butt

It’s Christmas so booze books are coming out thick and fast, but in our eyes you can never have too many. Booze isn’t going anywhere, we so better learn how to use it properly. Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 13.16.51

White Spirits is written by boozehound Michael Butt, founder of Soulshakers. It focuses on four clear spirits Gin, Vodka, Tequila and Rum and highlights how you can create a plethora of cocktails with the simple edition of vermouth, fresh lemon or lime.

He’s kept things uncomplicated, so no dashing to telcos looking for whale flubber and unicorn tears before your guests arrive. His aim was to keep things as simple as can be to show readers just how easy it is to make drinks with completely different flavour profiles by doing something as straightforward as replacing one spirit with another.

It’s like a party inside. The pages are fun and vibrant with bright colours, diagrams and cocktail images with a brief history to each cocktail and a step by step guide on how to make the drink yourself. The design is so colourful it makes you want to get stuck in straight away.

The book has 100 different cocktails, making it an essential addition to any book shelf and the perfect Christmas gift.

Sound good? Good. Want one? Great, cos we’ve got one to give away to a lucky reader. Just email jennierae@barlifeuk.com for the chance to get your grubby hands on this awesome book.