Where To Find Work Whilst Furloughed

With confirmation this week that Furloughed workers can take a second job we look at where you can find them.

After a couple of weeks of confusion it was confirmed by the government that, providing your employer (the one who is paying your furlough) allows it (if your contract doesn’t allow you to take a second job they can give you permission), you can work for another company.

With a million job sites out there we had a look through to find the ones that seem most relevant for hospitality workers on the hunt.


New to the market is Hospitality Unit by Harri. This site has been launched specifically to help hospitality workers find jobs during the coronavirus lockdown. You can search by company, job, area and/or position. It is a fantastic one-stop shop for many jobs that are specifically picked for you, it currently has over 1,000 vacancies available.

A longer running site, which seems to have plenty of the jobs which have been created due to coronavirus (used by most of the major supermarkets), is Total Jobs. It has over 200,000 jobs across the UK but will take a bit more filtering to find ones that are relevant to you. Very handy if you have a specific skill set.

Farm Work

If you are wanting to get out in the country and earn money whilst helping farms get their produce out to shops, then there will be plenty of jobs in the coming months. Traditionally farms rely on workers from Europe to pick, dig-up and pack their crops over the spring and summer but obviously this isn’t an option for them this year.

There are several sites dedicated to helping them find workers. Homegrown has a fancy map to use. Hops Labour Solutions is fully booked for April but you can apply to get in the line for May. Picking Jobs has over 2,000 jobs going across the UK.


If you fancy seeing people’s faces light up as they open their door to a lukewarm bag of joy with missing dips, then there are plenty of jobs going as delivery drivers for the takeaway restaurant industry. Both Deliveroo and Uber Eats have applications available on their own sites.

There are many more options and recruitment sites out there and if we come across any others that catch our eye, we will update this list but these are the best we have come across so far.

Remember if you are furloughed and want to work you need to be allowed by your employer. Also, you cannot work for your employer and claim furlough.