Welsh Whisky First Spirit to Receive UK Geographical Indication Status

Welsh single malt whisky has become the first spirit to receive UK Geographical Indication status (UKGI)

The UKGI registry, which protects food, drink and agricultural products that have a geographical connection or are made using traditional methods from imitation, was set up to take the place of EU protections lost because of the colossal self-own that is Brexit.

Single malt whisky joins a list of twenty Welsh food and drink products, including Anglesey Sea Salt, Caerphilly Cheese, and West Wales Coracle Caught Sewin and Salmon, to receive UKGI status, and is the first spirit on the list.

Four distilleries – Penderyn, In the Welsh Wind, Da Mhile, and Coles – took part in the final bid for UKGI status, with Penderyn boss Stephen Davies describing the status as a “significant milestone” which “…assists in safeguarding both the quality of the product and also its source of origin.

UK Food and Farming Secretary Therese Coffey said awarding the Welsh whisky GI status “shows how the UK government is ready to get behind the best of British food and drink from across the nation – to boost sales at home and abroad, create jobs and grow our economy“, which when translated means “We hope you don’t realise this was only necessary because Brexit was a horrendous mistake and we all know it even if we never admit it. Cheers!