Veteran Bar Trio Launch Twenty – A ‘Middle Ground ABV’ Distilled Botanical Spirit

Twenty utilises 8 botanicals and is distilled to London Dry standards

Grant Neave, Ali Burgess, and Adam Papa, who collectively have donkey’s years of experience slinging drinks as bartenders, ambassadors, and bar owners, have joined forces to create a new distilled spirit called Twenty.

As you have probably deduced from the story headline and name of the spirit, Twenty sits at 20% ABV, and is designed to simplify the decision to drink in moderation by way of substitution for higher-strength spirits. Or put another way, by replacing gin. Obviously, a spirit made to be used in this way must not lose flavour despite shedding some ABV, and to tackle this challenge, Twenty employs 8 botanicals (dandelion root, milk thistle seed, chestnut, yellow grapefruit peel, sweet orange peel, orris, coriander seed, juniper) and is made to the same standards as a London Dry.

The makers describe Twenty as being  ‘a bright and vibrant light spirit… rounded by earthy pine notes with a burst of Juniper and citrus perfume on the nose. The finish is incredibly smooth, with none of the typical alcoholic burn, and a silkiness that mellows out the sweet flavours.’

Ali Burgess, co-founder of Twenty says of the new spirit: “From a Bartender’s point of view, Twenty offers a great opportunity to re-think drinks creation – delicate classic style lower ABV drinks can be created that don’t need to be bulked out with citrus or fruit juices or drinks like Espresso Martini’s can now be very simply adapted to a lower ABV. Customers can now catch up with friends at a bar on a Tuesday and enjoy a variety of drinks without fearing Wednesday morning!

Twenty was created with a shift in consumer attitude in mind, with around a third of people intending to cut down, according the Portman Group research conducted last year.

Grant Neave, co-founder of Twenty explains: “there’s too much ‘No’ in no and low, consumers are basically still stuck with the choice of “all or nothing” when it comes to spirits. Twenty has an ABV of 20% to keep the maths simple, it halves the units but doesn’t mean half the enjoyment of your social occasion. There are a number of reasons for consumers being more mindful of their alcohol consumption, Twenty offers those consumers some Fun On Missing Out rather than Fear Of Missing Out.”

Bottles of Twenty can be purchased now via and at £21.90

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