Urban Food Fest’s “Oktoberfest”

Who says Munich get to have all the fun? Us brits love a good feast, so with that in mind Urban Food Fest have whacked on their lederhosen and are throwing a German themed Oktoberfest over 3 Saturdays. PROST! (…that’s “cheers” to you and me).  rsz_screen_shot_2015-08-27_at_134454

There will be 15 street food trucks serving various dishes with a German twist. Including the “Deutschland” giant hotdog topped with sauerkraut, “Munich” pork belly on soft brioche and “Kafer” Bavarian cheese Mexican tacos.  

“Enough about the food, what about the drink?” We hear you cry. Don’t worry, they’ve got that covered. 

The themed Oktoberfest bar will be serving ice cold Munich beers, niche craft beers and ciders as well as German wines and prosecco. The cocktails have gone all German too, with the “Wie Gehts” ginger beer and dark rum cocktail, and the “dirndl” German red berries and vodka cocktail. 

Plus, Jägermeister will be ready and waiting to get the party started. Naturally. 

Tuck into your food and drink while enjoying their live music, which includes the Oktoberfest special “Hey Baby!” (… your guess is as good as ours, but we’re going to guess they’re German too). 

Managed to dodge the weekend shift? Bar staff food looking a little worse for wear? Oktoberfest will be running midday to midnight in Shoreditch Euro Car Parks with FREE entry, so get down there when you’ve got some time off.

When: Saturday 19th & 26th September, Saturday 3rd Oct.