Update on England July 19th Reopening Rules

With two weeks until the new deadline it was time to get an idea of what the restrictions are likely to be for hospitality.

It’s been a while since we’ve brought you an update from the Prime Moron but he’s been busy. Since we last wrote about him he’s defended a lying, cheating, walking urinary infection who failed to follow his own rules (no he wasn’t looking in a mirror). He’s spent magic money on a refurb of his flat with the style of an 80’s boyband and made all the G7 leaders feel better about themselves by turning up.

Anyway, here he was back on our screens, flagged by the undynamic duo, to fill us in on how wonderful everyone, especially him, is and too let us know what will be happening on July 19th.

What can we expect our hospitality world to look like once the restrictions are lifted? Here are the key points:

  • Social distancing no longer needs to be followed so ability to go back to full capacity
  • Facemasks not needing to legally be worn so no more chasing customers to the toilets for the 15th time that hour to remind them (although many people including hospitality staff may decide to keep wearing them)
  • No limits on number of people in groups meeting indoors or outdoors
  • Nightclubs can reopen
  • Government no longer to instruct people to work from home so more people working from offices again
  • No covid passport to enter any venue

No mention of track and trace being lifted to enter venues but that has been widely reported as being cancelled. No mention on an update to the advice if a member of your team test positive but a mention of things ‘changing’ as far as self isolation goes for those double jabbed, we will keep an eye on news for this.

It is worth noting that whilst he said if we don’t drop restrictions on 19th July when will we, the official go ahead for July 19th will be next Monday but it seems there would have to be a massive change to the data for this to not happen.

As for our friends in Wales, Ireland and Scotland your updates will be coming in the next few days as they are announced.

It has been a fucking long slog for each and everyone of you out there and we sincerely hope your venue can survive until the 19th and will flourish afterwards.

Oh whilst we’re here we know the Queen is a religious reader of BarLifeUK so a quick message to her – hey lady, the NHS doesn’t need a poxy medal from you, try selling one of your giant fucking mansions or some of your bling and giving them some cash instead so all the staff can get a pay rise. Ma’am