Unique Opportunity to Advertise in Gaz Regan’s New books

gaz regan has been focusing on bartenders near-as-damn-it all his life, and he’s been publishing bartender-related books, articles, and newsletters for the past 21 years.

Now we offer you a unique opportunity to advertise your company, brand or bar within the pages of the 2012 editions of gaz regan’s Annual Manual for Bartenders, and/or 101 Best New Cocktails.

Last year's awesome book

Following the enormous success of the 2011 edition of the Annual Manual for Bartenders, next year’s books are destined to become must-read tomes for bartenders around the world.

101 brand new recipes, complete with notes from their creators, and commentary from gaz regan, will be the focus of the 101 Best New Cocktails book.

The Annual Manual will hail individual bartenders from all over the world who have been the key influencers of the past year.

Topics in this book will include:

  • Bartender Geekery–oh, the stuff we get up to!
  • Bar Blogs of the Year–the topics we’ve covered
  • Bartender Quotes of the Year–the things we’ve said
  • Bartender’s Bartenders of the Year–peer’s favorites
  • Fabulous Bartenders of the Year–gaz’s choices
  • Ingredient Focus: Japanese Whisky
  • Mindful Bartending–a look at the positive results this concept, developed by The Institute for Mindful Bartending, has had for bartenders.

And yes, there will be another excerpt from gaz regan’s autobiography, but it won’t be picking up from where the last one left off. This episode focuses on what went down in gaz’s life in the 21st-century. And it might just shock the hell out of you.

All this and much much more will be in next year’s most anticipated books for bartenders by gaz regan.

Want to reach out to bartenders worldwide, your best brand ambassadors, in either or both of these books? If so a full page advert starts from just £710, for more info email simon@barlifeuk.com