Under the radar in 2010: Top tunes you might have missed

Daniel Selwood picks some of the best tracks you (probably) didn’t hear

My wife has gone on holiday...

The biggest-selling tunes of 2010 were by several semi-naked woman, a bunch of unsmiling guys with daft names, some fey wankers with guitars, a ‘70s MOR band and a painter ‘n’ decorator. Most of them were bloody awful. And featured Katy Perry.

Elsewhere, not troubling the top 40, was this lot, who were great:

I Think I Like U 2 – Jamaica

Awesome pop. Great reality-check moment: “She was never pretty, she was only young.”

Let Me Be Your Cigarette – Dax Riggs

There have been unhealthier requests. There have also been worse Stooges-like tunes.

Love Harder – Ali Love

Ali’s got so much love to give. Even his name is Love. That’s how much he means it. Lovely!

King of Spain – Tallest Man on Earth

Dazzling acoustic guitarist has lofty ambition to succeed Juan Carlos I.

Golddust – DJ Fresh

Big Fish. Little Fish. Cardboard Box. All stuffed with shimmering shards.

Sex is Fashion – Curry & Coco

If an issue of Cosmo turned into two overexcited ravers from Shoreditch…

Boyfriend – Best Coast

Modest in scope and ambition, but big on charm.

Love Love Love (Aeroplane Mix) – Low Motion Disco

House track that slaps along nicely and then suddenly starts throwing the punches of a heavyweight anthem.

This Fucking Job – Drive-By Truckers

Being underemployed and having a crap car is a shite state of affairs. This country-rock tune, however, is bitchin’.

Beat Boy – Die Antwoord

Includes a woman with a penis bum-raping a surgeon. There is some clean imagery in this track – but not much.

You’ve Changed – Sia

Catchier than swine flu and considerably more desirable.

Hold On (Sub Focus Remix) – Rusko feat. Amber Coffman

Like a great night out encapsulated: a warm rush followed by shrieking pain in the skull.

My Denial in Argyle – Woodpigeon

The singer has a guilty love who wears Pringles sweaters. The tune is way better than the style.

Hood Pass Intact – Dam Funk feat. MC Eiht

Damn good advice for big-pimpin’ homies who plan to take it back to the ghetto.

Golden Train – Penguin Prison

This lot will be huge in 2011… if, for just a few minutes, the music industry can stop being a fickle bitch with horrible taste.

Sticky Situation – Ortolan

Has anyone in a spot of bother ever before held such a jauntier sing-along? The answer is, no.

Par Avian – FM Belfast

They want a house in the Caribbean. We get a wicked track.

Automatic (Jayou Remix) – Young Fathers

Edinburgh gives us grimy pop. Or poppy grime. Either way, it’s bigger than Arthur’s Seat.

Hug the Harbour – Emma Pollock

“We should have hugged the harbour”: hindsight with great drums.

FM Tan Sexy – El Guincho

Awesome riff. Also, it’s called FM Tan Sexy. What more do you need?