Uncle Jack’s Got a New Suit

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Jack Daniel’s refreshed what is arguably the most iconic spirits bottle last week.

The Old No.7 bottle, as at home on a back bar as it was dangling from Janis Joplin’s sweaty grip, is still square (as it should be) but now sports sharper shoulders and a less fussy label.

“Mr. Jack Daniel was proud of the craftsmanship and care that went into his whiskey and wanted a bottle as unique as its smooth, mellow character,” said John Hayes, SVP Managing Director Jack Daniel’s.

“That’s why in 1895, Jack made the decision to put his whiskey in a square bottle, unlike other whiskeys of his day.  He wanted to make sure his whiskey stood out.  The refinements today are meant to honor Mr. Jack’s desire that his bottle reflects the distinctive character of the whiskey.

Some things never change though, and BarLifeUK stick by the belief that you will always have a good night in a bar that has wax-encrusted Jack bottle candle-holders on its tables.