Two Trips to Oaxaca, Mexico With El Recuerdo & Zignum Mezcals to be Won

Love Drinks are celebrating their fantastic range of mezcal’s by offering two of you lucky people a trip to Mexico with their first Mezcal Cocktail Competition.

We have been lucky enough to visit Mexico a few times with some lovely tequila brands but have never made it to Oaxaca, and it is at the top of the BarLifeUK bucket list. Everything we have read and watched about Oaxaca reinforces our belief that it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet that just so happens to also have amazing food and drinks. Now two people reading this article will be heading there.

This is essentially two competitions in one. How you go about entering is up to you, if one of the two briefs below particularly speaks to you, you can focus all your efforts on that entry. You can also increase your chances of winning by entering both of them, the decision is entirely yours.

Each of the two brands have a different story and therefore a different competition brief, below is an introduction to each of the brands.

El Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano
El Recuerdo Mezcal is the essence of Oaxaca; its attitude, character and pride in a bottle. It is a traditional smoky mezcal, with the agave cooked underground with certified wood over river rocks and is the number one selling mezcal in Mexican Duty Free.
Abocado Con Gusano means enriched with agave worm in Mexico. The worm adds a creamy texture to the mezcal making the spirit more complex than its wormless sibling.

Monte Albán in all its glory

Zignum Reposado
Zignum is inspired by the beauty of the most important civilisation of the Zapotec culture, Monte Albán, the ancient city synonymous with Oaxaca and the famous Zapotec temples.
Zignum Reposado is aged in American White Oak barrels and is celebrated as an exceptionally smooth mezcal, winning it many awards along the way.

For the competition Love Drinks wanted to give you a choice, not just of the mezcal that speaks most to you but also of the brief which excites.

El Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano – Celebrate the flavours of Oaxaca and traditional mezcal. For those bartenders who get inspired by taste and flavour this is your chance to deep dive into all that Mexico and mezcal offer.

Zignum Reposado – Focusing on the history of Oaxaca and traditions of its inhabitants. For those bartenders who find inspiration in the stories and history of a region, culture or spirit this is your opportunity to discover about one of the most interesting cultures in the world.

For both drinks you will have to use a minimum of 30ml of your chosen mezcal (El Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano or Zignum Reposado) and have a maximum of 1 homemade ingredient. At the heats you will be scored on the following:

Taste – 50 Points
Visual Appeal – 10
Aroma – 5
Hitting the brief – 10
Presentation – 25

Enter using the form below and remember you can enter just one of the drinks or both, it is completely up to you. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying one of the mezcals simply speak to your local Love Drinks reps.