Underground train sign in London England

Tube Strikes Disrupt London Travel This Weekend and Throughout December

RMT union members have planned eight strikes that start today and run throughout December

London’s bar community is about to receive another collective kick in the crotch, on this occasion courtesy of the RMT travel-workers’ union, which has planned industrial action that starts today and continues throughout December.

The strikes will severely limit or completely stop travel on several underground lines over 2 days and 8 nights over the coming weeks. The RMT are in dispute with Transport For London over night shifts for drivers that which been reintroduced now that the night tube service has re-started post-lockdown. Transport for London told The Guardian that the strike would result in “little or no service in places”.

Bar folk hoping to make up for a lockdown-year’s worth of lost trade, or simply trying to get to and from work, may find their support for the principle of a unionised workforce using industrial action to improve working conditions somewhat tested in the weeks ahead, unless negotiations between the RMT, TFL, and mediation service ACAS are successful.

You can follow live updates on the strikes via the BBC here.

Planned strike action dates and underground lines

  • 04:30 26 November – 04:29 27 November Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria.
  • 20:30 27 November – 04:29 28 November Central and Victoria.
  • 20:30 3 December – 04:29 4 December Central and Victoria.
  • 20:30 4 December – 04:29 5 December Central and Victoria.
  • 20:30 10 December – 04:29 11 December Central and Victoria.
  • 20:30 11 December – 04:29 12 December Central and Victoria.
  • 20:30 17 December – 04:29 18 December Central and Victoria.
  • 04:30 18 December – 04:29 19 December Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria.