Tomas ‘Tommy’ Bermejo Passes Away

The Tequila world lost one of its best-known characters this month, with the passing of Tomas ‘Tommy’ Bermejo.

Born in Yucatan, Mexico, in 1932, Tommy went on to found the now-legendary Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco with his wife. All five of the Bermejo children have worked in the restaurant, with son Julio going on to become US Tequila Ambassador.

BarLifeUK never had the pleasure of meeting Tommy, so we asked Angus Winchester to tell us what he knew of the man.

“I was lucky enough to have met ‘Tommy’ Bermejo several times whilst on Pilgrimage to his eponymous restaurant in SF. Of course it was Tequila and Julio (his son) that drew me there but I was struck by his father’s hospitality and kindness.

Although seemingly the opposite of his large, loud and boisterous offspring he carried himself with great but quiet dignity and instilled into his family and business a sense of hospitality, kindness and humour that have no doubt helped put Julio and Tommy’s on the map. A truly good man and a great loss to anyone who had the good fortune or sense to hang at Tommy’s…”

Bartender’s favourite, the Tommy’s Margarita, was born in Tomas’ restaurant, and our friends over at have written a great article on the history of the drink and how to make it.

Our condolences go to the Bermejo family at this difficult time.

Julio Bermejo in action at Tommy’s