Tim Philips on the subject of Equality

Along with vintage coca-cola cans, 1993-1996 NBA basketball cards, and jokes about feminists I collect classic cocktail recipes.

The other legendary MJ

I guess it’s my job to also. I don’t do it out of chore. I do it because I want to see if my new favourite tipple has been lost in the pages of a 19th century bar manual. I also do it partly because I never want some smart-ass bartender coming into my venue and asking me for a drink I have never heard of – thus making me look like a fool.

There’s a recurring theme with a lot of recipes from yesteryear, and that’s a lot of them will use ingredients in equal parts. Now i’m not sure if this was done through laziness to make drinks simpler for consumers to make themselves, or the respective writers actually thought that these were the best specs.

Now therein lies the problem; Most drinks taste terrible when their ingredients are split into equal measurements. Actually, maybe i’m being dramatic. Not terrible, but not the best.
I have searched far and wide to find drinks recipes that taste the ‘ideal’ way when their ingredients are proportioned in equal measurements.

*Actually I have thought about it for the last hour to be honest..*

Anyway, I have only found three! I’m going to leave the Vodka & Coke out on this list guys as i’m going to say two ingredients is NOT a cocktail. Plus my 50:50 ratio Vodka to Coke is open to debate. By all means let’s start a debate about any new drinks you would like to add. Remember, try and keep personal preference out of this one. Just because you like a Blood & Sand a lil’ heavier on the Scotch, the recipe does not need it.

I guess ‘need’ is the operative word here. Does that drink recipe obviously need a tweak? Most do. Anyway here’s my equal parts hall of fame..
‘Blood & Sand’

  • 3cl Orange Juice
  • 3cl Rosso Vermouth
  • 3cl Cherry Heering
  • 3cl Scotch (dealer’s choice)


  • 3cl Rosso Vermouth
  • 3cl Gin
  • 3cl Campari

‘Last Word

  • 3cl Gin
  • 3cl Lime Juice
  • 3cl Marascino Liq.
  • 3cl Chartreuse