Tim Philips’ American Odyssey

I have now been in the big apple for a total of 12 hours. Enough time to land, get a coffee the size of my head, eat a hot dog, drink 15 Miller High-Life’s, pass out and sleep.

Ice, you can be my wingman any time...

I have also just had enough time to fall victim to the new craze sweeping American men, called ‘Icing’. I’m still not sure whether this is a fantastic guerrilla marketing campaign by Diageo, or a college stunt that’s hit the big time but I love it! So here are the rules…

1. When a fellow man is confronted by another with a Smirnoff Ice, the receiver must take a knee and chug the beverage.

No if’s, no but’s. Doesn’t matter what time of day or situation, a man will always be now judged on his ability to drink chilled – or in cruel circumstances, warm – citrus, vodka RTD’s. That’s it.

Last night I was iced for the first time by a N.Y friend named Dan. Thanks mate, genius..

Ice away, and drinktheshitoutofit..