Tim Homewood: Tequila Appreciation

Well, it’s been about a month into my new job as Brand Ambassador to the 100% Agave Cuervo Tequilas and I’ve been struggling to work out what to do with my evenings and weekends already.

I’ve resorted to pretty much doing what I was anyway, making drinks. But not in a bar for paying customers, but in my kitchen for myself in front of the 30 Rock box set!

So to alleviate my frustrations I’ve decided that it was probably about time I cut loose with another blog after having told Simon and Andy I’ve been working on one for the last 6 months! So here it is…

Here’s a question for you…

What is going to take to get the general public appreciating Tequila rather than just abusing it?

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Please someone tell me! Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the odd bit of Tequila abuse in my time (who hasn’t?) but with the rise of quality 100% Agave Tequilas such as Ocho, Tradicional or Siete Leguas it seems such as waste to just habitually knock it back doesn’t it?

I mean, surely Joe and Jane Average wouldn’t treat a Single Malt or a half decent Cognac like that would they? I know, I’m preaching to the choir here a bit, we’re all firm advocates of the beer and a shot on the side school of thought but what can we do to spread this message further?

Perhaps the problem is that, culturally, we don’t really take our time to enjoy anything. We all buzz around as fast as roadrunner on amphetamines, what we need to do is to encourage our guests to sit down, relax and take it slow.

After all, the old mantra ‘Life’s too short’ isn’t always necessarily true, especially when it comes to good drinks.

So I’m on a bit of a crusade at the moment to get people to re-evaluate Tequila, even something as small as encouraging people to take a sip before they down their shot can make a difference as it forces them to actually taste the spirit. It’s all about baby steps I reckon.

Another thing I’ve found to work on those less keen on Agave spirits is to (trust me on this) serve it cold. I know, I know, it goes against everything we’ve been taught about sprits and tequila over the last 10 years but bear with me a minute.

I am not suggesting that it is the way to serve Tequila to people who actually enjoy their agave but, as we all know when you chill a spirit you dull some of that spirits characteristics right? So for someone who has negative connotations with either the aroma or initial taste of a spirit, if they are less prominent it makes that spirit more accessible and open to re-evaluation right?

This is a good thing! We need to collectively make sure that we are trying to find new ways for the public to tap into and enjoy some of these fantastic products and not keep them to ourselves like the dirty magazine collection under our beds.

Right, whinge over. There’s loads of good things happening the trade with Tequila, the Pacifico group are continuing to do great things and new Soho Sex Shop hangout La Bodega Negra is taking Tequila to the A list.

My dream is to get a decent chunk of the population going out and actually enjoying their Tequila rather than regretting having drunk it in the morning. Perhaps if we can help the public understand a little more about it then we can slowly change people’s perceptions on it.

Right, I’m off for a Tradicional and Ting. Till next time. Salud, Tim.