Tim Etherington-Judge To Run 42 Marathons In 42 Days

The founder of Healthy Hospo made the announcement today, on his 42nd birthday, to make this mega effort with the aim of raising £42,000 for The Benevolent.

Like Tim I turned 42 very recently and now I feel that my vow to get some nicer shoes so that my legs didn’t get so sore seems a little….. well pathetic.

Tim is taking on a massive challenge as anyone who saw any of the Eddie Izzard documentary a couple of years ago will attest, as will anyone who’s done a marathon (or in my case run for a bus). To put this challenge into numbers he will be covering 1,100 miles (or 1,764km) in that time.

The pleasing numbers element of the challenge I am completely on board with, especially when you consider a marathon is 42km long. However the rest is just beyond our comprehension.

Add to the vast numbers the fact that he’ll be starting at Tales of the Cocktail in July which (ignoring the other issues) is so hot that tying your shoelaces can result in a very unpleasant body moistness level. From there he’ll be running in cities such as New York and Amsterdam before finishing in London on August 30th.

We are 100% behind such a fantastic undertaking for such an amazing cause. Tim has already done so much to help raise awareness of mental health issues in the hospitality industry and there is no doubt that this will do even more as well as raising a whole lotta cash.

If you would like to find out more info or to donate then please visit https://healthyhospo.com/424242run

We’ll leave the last words to the man himself:

‘Awareness of the problems of mental health within our industry is growing, but we still have huge progress to make, not only in breaking down the stigma related to mental health, but also in building strategies and systems to help people get the support they need. My hope is that this challenge will raise awareness, motivate people to donate to an amazing charity and inspire people to get involved in building a healthier, happier hospitality industry’