The Zubrowka Guerrilla Competition

The Frisky Bison has had enough of convoluted cocktail competitions.

Nice horns...

It says “no” to Mongolian Ape Blood floats and ground Unicorn horn garnish, instead it wants you to knock up great tasting, ‘can actually be served in a bar on a busy shift’ drinks, using Zubrowka and just about anything else.

In return, you may well score a trip to Poland, but first you need to show up at Glo Glos on Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, on February 15th at 3pm.

There is no need to register for this competition, just get to the bar with your kit and a can-do attitude. The focus is on great tasting drinks that work in the real world and having some fun at the comp, so bear this in mind when putting your recipe together.

Bartenders outside of London will get their crack of the whip too. Heats are being held in 15 cities, but in order to keep the playing field level, and in keeping with the guerrilla theme, dates and locations will only be released a week or so in advance.

You can see pictures from the Brighton guerrilla comp on the Frisky Bison Facebook page.

Click to see a larger version of the flyer