The ‘Why Is It So Expensive?’ YouTube Playlist is Essential Bartender Viewing

Prepare to go down a Business Insider YouTube rabbit hole…

Business Insider does not sound like a particularly interesting publication, and ‘why is it so expensive’ sounds less like a thoroughly absorbing video playlist, and more like something everyone is currently saying everywhere, about everything…

And yet, since stumbling across Business Insider’s ‘Why Is It So Expensive?’ YouTube playlist a few days ago, I’ve been watching it constantly. Each video examines the way an artisanal or ‘craft’ product is created, and why this process makes it expensive. Typically, these mini documentaries involve a camera crew visiting a really old person in a tiny workshop that’s been in the family for generations, and documents the creation of something beautiful. I have yet to get to the end of an episode without wanting to buy the ‘thing’ it was about, or hang out with the old person who made it.

A few examples of bartender-friendly subjects would be Japanese knives and Ceylon cinnamon, but even the non-food and drink episodes will be interesting to anyone who appreciates craftmanship and the beauty of well-made things.

The videos tend to be about 10 minutes long – perfect to watch while grabbing a sarnie for lunch – and there are currently six seasons available to watch, so if this is your sort of thing, you’ll be occupied for quite some time.

You can find Season Six on YouTube here.