The Training Team American Whiskey Roadshows

An American Odyssey – Whiskey’s heritage, craft and cocktails

No, it's not a bourbon. And if you don't know why, you need to go to the roadshow...

Bacardi Brown Forman Brands’ Training Team are turning their attention to one of BarLifeUK’s favourite sectors this month – American whiskey – and you can expect to leave the sessions knowing your sour mash from your rye and what makes bourbon, bourbon.

As ever with the Training Team, there will be plenty of practical demonstration, helping you use the different types of whiskey to their best potential in cocktails, and understand how their heritage and production methods affect their taste and characteristics.

There are five American Whiskey roadshows over the coming weeks, the length and breadth of the UK:

  • 29th August, Bon Vivant’s Companion, Edinburgh
  • 30th August, Epernay, Manchester
  • 30th August, Zilouf’s, North London
  • 31st August, Venn Street Records, South London
  • 31st August, Haus Bar, Bristol

Sessions run from 1-3pm, and you need to book your slot via the Training Team website.

BarLifeUK have attended several Training Team roadshows and can report they are always good fun and we have walked out knowing lots of things we didn’t when we walked in, which is exactly what you want in a training session…

You can book a place on the American Whiskey Roadshows, and see other upcoming sessions on the Training Team Website. Download the roadshow flyer here.