The Seasonaire – Tim Philips’ First Blog

For the best part of five months I have been living in a town where the only thing to do is to ski or snowboard. Forget about discotheques, skittles, ginger beer and all the other things associated with big cities. This is what people are here to do. It doesn’t matter what job you do, what you get paid, what you eat. As long as you can buy your beer, pay your rent you can ride all day. This is the life of a Seasonaire.

Tim Philips
Want to mix drinks but don't have a glass? Simple use your mouth..

The Seasonaire is a peculiar and curious creature. One who can freely devote a period of up to six months of their life to living without personal luxuries I personally could not. OK, so perhaps some of these people do not hold in high regard the things I could not live without.

Extra virgin olive-oil, Jamon Iberico, duck fat, Japanese whisky all come to mind. These people can easily live a life of minimalistic satisfaction. Am I envious of this simplistic ability to not be reliant on material pleasures? No. I like having money to spend on nice meat and wine that’s not from a cask. (Sorry, very Un-Australian of me there…Goon. That’s better.) At the same time I admire these people for being able to live out a life dream.

The life of a nomadic wave catcher in summer, powder-plowers in winter. Sounds great on paper doesn’t it? Anyway, good on you kids for doing what you love. For me, I’m going to continue spending my wage on delicious left-bank Bordeaux’s and legs of Lamb in the big smoke.

I’m going to finish today’s blog with a cocktail recipe that has been selling like hot cakes here at my bar, The Clubhouse, this winter. Being incredibly sick of seeing Vin Chaud (mulled wine) on every corner here in the Alps I decided to take the humble bottle of dry cider and p.i.m.p it up a wee bit in a mulled cider sty-lee.. For my southern hemisphere friends the season in almost upon you to dust off your coffee steamers in preparation for some hot drinks. For my friends in London, well, it’s always bloody cold so have one of these anyway. Hope you enjoy..

Apple-Apple-Apple-Absinthe Toddy

3cl Calvados
5cl Dry Cider
3cl Cloudy Apple Juice
1.5cl Runny-Honey
1cl French Absinthe
Fingernail of Unsalted butter

Heat with steaming wand on coffee machine
Garnish with grated cinnamon. Drinktheshitoutof..

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